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Since 2007.

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Non-Clean-room hard drive data recovery: $499. Cleanroom $905.

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Yes, we do Mac data recovery / Apple data recovery at no extra charge.

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Thank you for visiting Stentorian Data Recovery, providing data recovery in Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington, and surrounding. We are currently expanding our free pick-up zone.  Feel free to give us a call at (503)453-3892.

We will schedule a diagnosis for your damaged media, and it will enter a 24 hour evaluation process. Depending on the case, data will either be recovered at this stage or escalated to second tier clean-room recovery.

We hope to save you money by avoiding any unnecessary fees for drives that do not require escalation. However our relationships with numerous clean-room recovery operations allows us to get your data recovered at the lowest cost to you if invasive recovery is the only option.

We do non-invasive hard drive data recovery, file recovery, USB recovery, thumb drive recovery, flash recovery, SD/mini/MMC/RS recovery, Compact flash [cf] recovery, xD/SM recovery, and cd/dvd recovery. We can help you if files have been accidentally or maliciously deleted.


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